Documents & Forms

CPHS Choir Handbook:

Click below for the Handbook!

Google Classroom Codes: 

  • Treble (1)- kw4fnek 
  • Varsity Mixed Tenor/Bass (2) – dmvvec4
  • Varsity Mixed Treble (3) – xsrk74a
  • AP Music Theory (4) – ro77j6d
  • Tenor/Bass (6) – vrzonyv
  • Pitch Black (6) – tebiugw
  • Seasons (6) – 4jai7fm
  • Show Choir (7) – h7qerix
  • Advanced Treble (8) – gspbuni
  • TMEA Auditions: 23fpjon


Leander ISD is using RankOne for all forms. Instructions for completing these can be found here! It will NOT list choir as a drop choice as your student has already been selected into choir. If you are also involved in other Fine Arts activities, you may click to add (Note: Athletics RankOne is a separate process.) 

You will need to complete 5 Forms; more may be listed that you do not need to complete (i.e. physicals or instrument rental agreements)

  • Trip Authorization
  • Emergency Card
  • Extra-Curricular Handbook Acknowledgement Form
  • LISD Photo Release
  • Travel and OTC Medication Consent