PLEASE NOTE: You can complete steps 1-7 to register, including paying your Choir fees, ONLINE— before August 15th. If you do, you don’t need to register in person— but please plan to join us at 6:30 pm for Information Night!

If you prefer to pay in person, need help, or just want to stop by to say hello, email us to make an appointment!

Check it out! There are 7 total steps below.
Image result for charms logoCharms is a music program-based database that keeps track of all facets of the choir program, from uniform assignments to trip ledgers and more!  We need to make sure your information is up to date!
FOR STEPS 2 and 3. To login to charms:  Visit the choir website, and click the horizontal navigation for Charms at the top right of the choir website home page.  If you have never created an account, you will log in to your student’s account using their six-digit school ID number.  We can reset your password upon request if you cannot log in and have previously created an account.  Please contact us for troubleshooting if you cannot log in and have not previously had an account.  If prompted, our school code is “cedarparkhsc”  Please have all information updated by 8/26.

STEP 1. Turn-in forms: Leander ISD is using RankOne for all forms. Instructions for completing these can be found here! It will NOT list choir as a drop choice as your student has already been selected into choir. If you are also involved in other Fine Arts activities, you may click to add (Note: Athletics RankOne is a separate process.) 
You will need to complete 5 Forms, more may be listed that you do not need to complete (i.e. physicals or instrument rental agreements)
-Trip Authorization
-Emergency Card
-Extra-Curricular Handbook Acknowledgement Form
-LISD Photo Release
-Travel and OTC Medication Consent

STEP 2. To update Student Information: Log in to your student’s charms account (see above) and click “Update Information” 
Ensure the information for both students and all parents is up to date.  This information is the quickest way for us to access it in an emergency.

STEP 3. To take care of choir fees: Log in to your student’s charms account (see above) and click “Finances”
You may pay any fixed payments using PayPal.  Students’ fixed payments should reflect the class they are registered for.  If you believe there is an error for your student, please contact me immediately so I may help you.  *If you are not in a varsity class (1, 6) and planning on auditioning for TMEA, a $30 fee will occur.  If you would like to take care of this now, please contact me so I may include this payment*

STEP 4. Sign Up for Private Lessons
We are fortunate to have some of the best voice teachers in the state (if not the country)!  If you would like to sign up for private lessons, please use this form to do so.  We will be able to provide lessons in person and on campus.  Please do not hesitate to ask us more! We recommend voice lessons for all students, and they will be scheduled either during their choir class or before/after school.  Click here for more information about our teachers!
Sign-Up HERE!
STEP 5. TMEA Auditions
Participation in TMEA is required for all varsity classes (Varsity Mixed Tenor/Bass 2nd, Varsity Mixed Treble 3rd, Advanced Varsity Treble 8th) and is open to all other students.
Join the google classroom: wig3f4g

A Few Upcoming Events for Fall!

8/15/20225:00 PM – 6:30 PMChoir RegistrationAll (Optional)Choir Room
8/26/2022Registration Forms DUEAll
9/2/2022Class Rep Applications and TMEA Forms DUEAll (Optional)
9/2/20226:00 PMStar-Spangled Banner at Varsity Football Game  Pitch BlackGupton Stadium
9/7/20225:00 PM – 8:30 PMFall Social- Playland Rollerskating!All (Optional, Free)Playland 
9/19/20227:00 PMLISD Chorale Showcase 2022Varsity MixedLISD South PAC (CPHS)
9/23/20226:00 PMStar-Spangled Banner at Varsity Football Game: HomecomingVarsity MixedGupton Stadium
9/30/2022San Antonio Caroling Deposit DUEAll (Optional)
10/4/20224:00 PM – 6:00 PMFall Concert RehearsalAllCPHS Auditorium
10/5/20227:00 PMFall ConcertAllCPHS Auditorium
10/14/20226:30 PMStar-Spangled Banner at Varsity Football Game: Tailgate!All (with CPMS)Gupton Stadium
10/28/2022Star-Spangled Banner at Varsity Football Game: Senior NightSeniors (plus parents for recognition)Gupton Stadium

STEP 6. Google Classroom Codes!
You can also go ahead and sign up for Google Classroom and Remind!
Treble (1)- 6mhntw3 
Varsity Mixed Tenor/Bass (2) – setjgw4
Varsity Mixed Treble (3) – xj2yonp **edited from last email sent
AP Music Theory (4) – ufii6ia
Tenor/Bass (6) – rdiu6uj
Show Choir (7) – cbspw7y
Pitch Black (7) – xhmezgy
Seasons (7) – csmuyul
Advanced Treble (8) – jogwwox
TMEA Auditions: wig3f4g
STEP 7. Remind Alerts! The district has automatically enrolled the phone numbers on file with the district into our remind accounts. As long as your information is listed correctly in the LISD Database, it will automatically link your student to the correct class!

We recommend installing the Remind App to keep track of all the text alerts from across the district.